1. Diving into the chaos that precedes all births!

  1. February through mid-springtime, when everything truly blooms and the earth is awakened fully, is not an easy time of the year for me, but it's a powerfully transformative time, nonetheless. This is when the deepest of the hidden comes up to the surface for healing. There are seeds I planted years ago - seed thoughts, seed beliefs, seed actions (not all pleasant)! Life mirrors my inner processes: everything I plant will grow or come to the surface as weeds I may choose not to harvest. Healing, healing, healing; discovering lost treasures.

"Persephone" by Patricia Ariel 

Here is a beautiful ode to Persephone, by Maria Ede-Weaving, shared by 

 The Journey of Young Women (www.JoYW.org) from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Persephone, guide me safely into the darkness.

May I know that for every journey there, you are at my side;

for every moment of fear and hopelessness,

you are there to comfort me.

Great Goddess of life’s deepest mysteries

plant me; enfold me in your still darkness, and with compassion

help me grow towards the light of a new understanding, a new wisdom.

In you I await my new beginnings; in you I find my deepest strength and wisdom;

because of you I will never be the same.

With you I walk the light and the dark

and fear neither;

With you, I journey to the depths, I endure and I survive, transformed and reborn 

by the experience.

I give thanks that I travel now with a foot in each place,

nourished by both my inner and outer worlds.

I am a bat at home in the darkest cave;

I am a blossom unfurled in the warmth of the sun.

I embrace all that I am and honour all that I have experienced;

in the depth of your compassion may I find grace.