I live by these words. Every day I remember that I am a daughter of the earth and these words are all I need to remember to embrace the cycles of my life. Embracing the ancient cycles of the earth and moon give us the opportunity to connect deeply to all the ways in which our life can unfold. Then the dark and the light are given equal honor and the gifts of wisdom within each experience can be integrated into the soul. Our souls have come to weave many different kinds of teachings into itself. Trust the processes that you are in no matter how they feel. It is all meant to be in the great big picture of your life's journey. Let die what must die and open the door to the opportunities that lie before you. It is a great mystery; your life! Make it so by believing it is so! Goddess Bless!

To Be of the Earth

To be of the Earth is to know
The restlessness of being a seed
The darkness of being planted
The struggle toward the light
The pain of growth into the light
The joy of bursting and bearing fruit
The love of being food for someone
The scattering of your seeds
The decay of the seasons
The mystery of death
And the miracle of birth

~John Soos