Oh Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Enter the Circle and Dance with me!

I want to thank Pallah Stimpson and her friends for the beautiful reminder that The Grandmothers - the ancient ones - are waiting for us to call on them for help, for their blessings, for guidance. I was just reading Plant Spirit Medicine and in it the author shared the message of the plant spirits that he has gotten which is just this - that they cannot help if we don't ask. I related to this deeply. I know that my guides just love for me to ask for help. I always visualize them sitting around me a the tops of the trees watching over me. I say "I know you are sitting around me in the tops of the trees. I ask you to come be with me today; to work through me, speak through me, hear through me, love through my heart and guide me today. I cannot do this without you! And I thank you." I reminded my 12 year old son about this - that they are there, our ancestors, guides, God/Goddess/All That Is - just waiting for him and all of us to ask them for help and they will come right away to our assistance with love for us!