The Mother Oven

This picture above was sent to me by my friend Karen a long time ago. It's of a restaurant that is owned by one of her friends. I've had it so long that I no longer remember the story of it, but it is called, "The Mother Oven" and it reminds me of the nurturing love of our Mothers, of Our Mother Earth who gives endlessly to us and of our Ancient Grandmother Mother's who were so much more connected to the rythms of the earth and the hearth than many of us today remember that we can be. It is so cozy and homey and beautiful. It makes me want to knead dough, feel earth, drink honey.

The good news is that we can all, again, reclaim our connection to the things that nurture our spirit and soul and bodies. We can relearn the ways of old ~ reclaim the natural rythms that run through our blood. There are so many women and men dedicated to teaching the old ways to us. One of the things I dream of most of all is to know how to knit, crochet and weave. This dream is very attainable.

Every single thing I do to stay connected to the old ways ensures that the old ways will never die. I may feel pulled into the whirlwinds of technology but if I keep the roots of my self firmly planted I can keep my center and I can keep all of the parts of life I value ~ old fashioned or not!

"Take what you want and leave the rest" is my motto. I love being able to research and keep in touch with friends and family online. I love to write. But I also love to sit at my kitchen table with the stamps I've picked out at the Post Office and address my envelopes by hand! I love to cook my meals from scratch most of the time and I love the sound of the kettle whistling when we have tea.

Put the kettle on the stove! Let it's whistle stop you in your tracks and remind you to hold on to some of the old ways! (And maybe even to throw your microwave out the window!)

Blessed Be, Melissa