This is so wise and true. I believe, fully, that if I want to be healthy, I have to be true to myself. Being authentically me, no matter how different that may make me appear to others, is the only way I can be happy and healthy. Astrology has taught me, similarly: in order to be healthy and vibrantly alive, we have to "live out our birth chart" as fully as possible. This is not easy to do! For example, I have Aries in my first house of self. This can make me appear selfish, self-centered, abrasive, bossy. When I accepted that I have an innate warrior self, I then transformed that fiery, warrior energy into self-assertiveness, courage, leadership, and a desire and willingness to forge my own path in life. Aries is a leader and a trailblazer. My Rising sign, however, is Pisces. Pisces wants to sacrifice herself for the healing or good of another. She is deeply compassionate and seeks to merge with others. Aries likes to be liked by others but is also sometimes a lone wolf concerned about her own needs. This is how it is supposed to be. Arians are given permission to be self-centered. These two energies seem incompatible, right? So I have had to learn to blend these two energies. I think it is very cool that I began my own business (Aries/Executive sign) as a Holistic Healer (Pisces) and am studying Social Work (also ruled over by the sign of Pisces)! My sun is in the sign of Leo. I have to live from my heart and create a unique situation for myself and my life. I need to be unique - unlike any other! Leo's like to shine out in a crowd. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun that shines on everyone! I love to inspire other people. When I was afraid in my youth of being a "showoff," I forced myself to not be a "showoff." The self shined forth, despite my efforts to suppress it, in a more egotistical way! BECAUSE... what we resist - persists! What we don't own - owns us! Nowadays, I embrace this part of me that loves to shine like the sun. I inspire others and this creates feelings of happiness.  My Moon is in Cancer. It is moody, emotional, family-oriented, nesting, loves food, and creates a cozy home. Moon in the sign of Cancer needs emotional safety. How do I make this part of me, happy? I work from home. I have honored my Moon in Cancer's need for home, comfort, and safety by working from home in my own business (Aries/Leo fire signs have leadership energies). It is so very important to know ourselves as fully as we can and to take the risks we need to, to develop all of who we are. What is calling out from deep within you? Are there parts of you being kept at bay? When I'm true to myself, I am truly healthier and happier.