The moon is just beginning to wax from it's dark-moon, seed time and toward its full expression at the time of Spring Equinox, later this month. Would you like to feel more connected to the Moon as our ancient mothers and grandmothers had?

To align yourself with the moon, harness the energy of this darker-moon time of the lunar cycle to assist you in building energy for the goals in your heart. The dark-moon part of the month, which encompasses dark moon, the new moon, and the early, waxing crescent days of the month, is a time of great and powerful seed strength. You can allow these energies to assist you in birthing what you would like to experience, accomplish, complete, and bring to fruition. As the moon grows in the night sky, so, too, will you begin to see yourself making steps toward the completion of a goal or project you want to manifest.

The Universe is listening during the New Moon time of the month for your prayers, for your hopes, for your intentions!

What do you want to BIRTH as the month and the moon grows, during the next two weeks? Can you visualize your goal being planted as a seed of hope, into the earth? See and feel it sprouting. Know and trust that each step you need, to nourish this seed enough to grow and blossom, will be revealed to you.

This new moon on March 5 was in the sign of Pisces. We are also under the influence of both the sun and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the sign of Pisces. It's as if all of the unhealed wounds of us are being ripped open to allow a deeper, true healing to occur. It is a challenging but healing time.

It can feel like drowning in a sea of grief; like overwhelming confusion; like unbearable, emotional pain. Likewise, it can feel like a divinely-beautiful, cleansing bath; like the embrace of the Blessed Mother; like Divine Ecstasy, and it can bring a sense of, and a deep knowing that life-long patterns and Karma are shifting and completing themselves - finally. There is hope and there are mystical experiences of synchronicity and joy.

I am ending a cycle in my life. I am literally in a brand new chapter and I have just stepped through this doorway with excitement and terror, all at once. I am about to give birth to myself.

In my place of trusting The Great Mystery, I am embracing the darkness of the late-winter sky in this waxing-crescent-moon time of our lunar cycle. I am embracing the pain and grief and losses and I am allowing the Pisces energy of Mother Ocean to wash it all away. She is washing it all away...

I hear the song of the seals singing to my soul. They know who is being born, even if I do not.

Loving, Learning, Releasing, Hoping, Faithful...


Melissa is the Wise Woman University Mentor of Reclaiming Artemis: Calling Passion, Power and Joy Back Into Your Life!

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