Continuing on the Seal Skin, Soul Skin theme of this year for me, this morning I came upon a passage, in a book about the dark of the moon, that discussed the idea that seals were considered by ancient people to be important protection medicine for women. I then thought about how the sabian symbol for one of the planets in my Solar Return chart, and that merges with my Mid-Heaven, is "A woman rises out of the sea; a seal embraces her." I feel as if I have risen out of this great, salty cauldron of transformation and my seal-skin, my soul-skin has been returned to me. She's bringing me very deeply into my own soul, then up, again, to float on the waves; a reprieve, a rest, a blessing from the bright sun, before I return to the magical depths.  "I hear your voice everywhere I go, everywhere I go." (song on radio while I write this post.)