Vernal Equinox

Now we banish winter.
Now we welcome spring!
Saw farewell to what is dead.
And greet each living thing!
~Circle chant

During these late days of March in New Hampshire, we've had lots of storms, lots of rain and lots of opportunities to be grateful for electricity after losing it for so long! Great, giant trees have been uprooted by the winds of change, the rivers in every direction are swelling and roads are being washed out....But, ahhh....more birds are singing every day!

I am so happy that at this writing we are so close to the greening of spring!

Today, as I wrote, the hard rains were falling and the winds of March were blowing. (I thought I heard my name!) I like to look at this as Mother Nature cleansing and clearing away the season of winter to make room for the new. It's sort of like a Mother on a rampage through the looks-like-a-hurricane-hit-it house getting rid of broken toys, headless action figures and the mate-less socks! This Saturday, March 20, the great, seasonal wheel of the year will turn once again to Spring Equinox ~ a time of perfect balance and harmony! (Happy Birthday Auntie Raney!)

Despite the cold and inclement weather, there is a stirring in the blood, the quickening of new life in our bellies and an awareness of the primal energy of fire, movement and growth in the air as we move from the energies of winter, March and the sign of watery Pisces to the creative, fire energies of the month of April, the sign of Aries and the beautiful season of springtime. I can't wait to open those windows!

And I cannot wait to hear the spring peepers! Nothing is more exciting than the very first time I hear the peepers each spring or the very first crocus flower I see popping up through the brown, wet earth. New life everywhere!

For many years, I have found the deepest pleasure in connecting my body, mind, spirit and emotions with the seasonal energies of nature. In what ways can we weave small rituals of seasonal delight into our lives? What kinds of things do I think of in the spring?

Some rituals of spring....

We all know the ritual of "Spring Cleaning" and how good it can make us feel to shake out the bedding, change over the heavy drapes to more flowing, sheer curtains and clear away the dusty places we may not always get to. It is a feeling of relief and renewal. Everything feels fresh and clean and our homes are infused with new life and the possibilities inherent in spring.

While we do our spring cleaning, we can work some springtime magic, too! We can weave those seasonal rituals into the day! Magic is truly all about our intention. State what you want to happen out to the Universe, begin to act, "as if" if is already happening and it will be so! It is as simple as that. Energy goes where energy flows. That is the science and the art of manifestation in a nutshell!

~While you polish the furniture, set positive intentions to polish up your positive attitude as well.

~When you sweep the corners, sweep away your worn-out beliefs and self-limiting patterns into the dustpan, too, then toss them to the wind with a prayer!

~While you're shaking out the rugs, shake off the heaviness of a little jig on the back porch or dance across the kitchen.

~As you pour the wash-bucket water down the drain, see all your fears and worries going down the drain with the Murphy's Oil Soap!

~When you plant your spring seeds, let them represent some dreams you want to grow. Put them in the sun, water them and sing them songs of love and hope.

~And while you dust off your shelves, consider dusting off the younger part of your self; She or He is that Maiden or Young Fellow within you who was once so filled with the spirit of hope, adventure, courage, inspiration and daring. That part of you has a lot to tell you about what makes you the happiest.

~And last but not least, when you clean out your closets (to make donations of the things that don't fit you anymore..) take out some of the skeletons you put in there way, back when. Tell someone your secrets. Or write them down and burn them in a fire-proof container then throw the ashes to the wind, hold your hands to your heart and forgive yourself.

Dance if you will, sing what you may, help where you can and spread love, like seeds, wherever your adventures take you this spring.

In the Spirit of Oneness,

Melissa Potter