New Moon in Cancer

Tonight at 10:35 pm is the New Moon in Cancer. It is a very powerful moon! Being that I'm only an astrologer in training, I'll leave the details of it to the experts. I personally love! I can say, however, that I'm excited to harness these energies so that I may use them to help me on my healing journey. The journey I have always been on and the one I plan on continuing!

During the New Moon, I set my intentions and desires for the coming month. Tonight I will think specifically of familiar patterns that no longer serve my highest good. I will then set an intention to release and re-set new and positive habits and choice-making abilities within my self and my life.

Cancer is also the sign of the Universal Mother. I call her Goddess and she has many names and many faces. She is a reflection of all of who I am ~ of all women in our varied and rich ways of being.

I read a beautiful message today from an astrologer named Pythia Peay. She shared that the message of the Cancer Moon is this...

Imagine that you are listening to one of the unconditionally-loving great mother archetypes ~ such as The Blessed Mother Mary or Quan Yin or Isis or Ceres speaking these words to you:

"Open up your heart center and feel, don't think, your way through life's problems. Find the honey in your heart, the sweetness that arises from loving your way through life."

May you find just the right symbolic New Moon seeds to plant this evening. May they really reflect your hearts desire. May you listen to what you know is the truth of what your deepest soul needs right now in your life.

I encourage you to visit each day to read about what sign the moon is in and what phase the moon is in. It is such a beautiful journey to follow the cycles of the moon. I am continuously amazed at how much better my life is when I align myself and my activities (or lack of activities!) with the natural rhythm of the earth and moon.

Goddess Bless and Happy Summer!