Imbolc ~ In honor of the Goddess Bridget

Altar to the Goddess, Bridget ~ Imbolc

Circle Flow

Draw up bold power from the Earth,
Becoming one with source entwined.
Your roots strive deep to enter Her
To the center — feel — come alive.
Pulsing energy rises — breathes;
Your spine a trunk of circle tree
With branches bent to sweep the Earth;
Circuit complete the sap will flow,
From crown to source an ancient dance.
Be with the wind — become the dawn;
Rising — bursting — weaving –returning.
Such is the birthing of Her song.
Feel Goddess life beneath your feet,
Breath in the scent of yearning earth.
Hear the spring birds, love returning,
Chirping guide to budding — blooming.
Know Brigit joins the stag of morning,
Passioned union of love enflamed.
Harvest be quickened once again.
(I do not know the author of this poem ~ if you do, please let me know so I can credit this poet!)