Happy Halloween!

This morning I woke up very early. It was still dark outside so as I walked through my kitchen and dining room I was barely able to see. But I could feeeel. Oh, my favorite day of the year is here! It's Halloween!

As is our custom, we keep the lights very low, candles being the usual way we cast light during the morning hours in this house ~ and the sounds barely audible to keep the peacefulness of dawn for as long as possible. But today I got to create an even more magical ambiance than usual.

I plugged in the glowing jack-o-lantern that sits on top of my refrigerator with its tall, pointy, black, witch's hat. The orange pumpkin lights were next! Their light led me on to the purple and orange lights and finally I lit the candles on the ancestor altar and welcomed in the Spirits of the Ancestors in honor of the Celtic holy day of Samhain! Then, it was time to make the coffee!

Because nowadays I am forever charging up one battery or another ~ the cell phone, the MP3 player, the digital camera battery pack ~ I am also having to unplug things like my coffee pot on a regular basis. Yesterday, after I charged up the cell phone, I plugged the coffee pot back in.

The blinking red light on the front panel of the coffee maker reminded me to fix the clock as it will blink incessantly and not allow you to brew a new pot until you steady it by setting a time. I didn't want to deal with it at that moment so I simply tapped once on the minute button and that was sufficient to change the blinking red 12:00, it's default time, to a steady, glowing-red 12:01. And that was that...or so I thought....But everything happens for a reason...And had I not noticed the blinking light and had I not changed it that very moment, what happened this morning, would not have happened....Someone or something was behind that seemingly unimportant event!

I forgot all about the clock and you know, it doesn't matter what time the coffee pot says it is because all I have to do is turn to the left and I can see the stove clock! So although all day long I kept thinking it was some time other than it was, I didn't care! Because I had the stove after all!

Back to this morning! After I lit my Halloween lights, I walked over to the counter to make the coffee. It was 6:00 am by the stove clock but on the coffee pot clock....it was...10:31! In other words...October 31!

Happy Halloween Everybody! Keep your eyes open for these little but magical signs from the Beloved Dead as we dance our way through another magical Samhain day!

Blessed Be,