Honoring the Maiden, the Mother & the Crone

Goddess Prayer 2004 CE

by Glenys Livingstone

Mother – She within me who is deeply related
Virgin – She within me who is ever new
Crone – She within me who is creative return to All
Holy is my being

The Mystery pervades all…
May I understand my daily guidance and graciously receive the infinite daily abundance
May I forgive my insensitivities and lack of skill
and forgive others the same
May I respond to my divine passion
I am in awe
And give thanks to the light and dark within

Beginning Again

by Glenys Livingstone

The Mother within reweaves the fabric
The torn fabric
Torn in the weak spots
She sets to work with all her love and consciousness
Picking up the threads
Threads that go all the way back to the beginning
She uses these, yet makes new patterns

Mercifully, Erishkagal, Crone – her partner
Has destroyed old patterns
Erishkagel has washed away the debris
With her storm and tempest

Artemis, virgin, spiritual warrior
Fiercely guards and nurtures the new
She is faithful to the heart that seeks
Fullness, wholeness
She will constellate in the hearts night sky
And call forth right direction