The Goddess Athena visits us at the Northwood Transfer Station

I was just talking with my partner about Susan Seddon Boulet. This amazing woman is the most talented artist I have ever been blessed to know of. I could wall paper my entire home with her paintings and never tire of the way they make me feel.

I decided it would be a good idea to put a link to her work on my web blog here since I am certain I'll use her artwork on this web log. I told her that I needed to find the one of the woman pregant with a raven in her womb. My son's middle name is Raven because I had been visited by many while I was pregnant.

After seeing the beautiful barred owl yesterday (see the full, magical story below) I have been reflecting on the first owl I had ever seen, which was when I was pregnant. A friend found a wonderful site for the Turning Point Gallery where prints of her artwork, as well as original pieces are sold. Her biography is included on these pages and it would be perfect to link curious readers to. Her artwork is the most magical, most spiritual, most beautiful I know.

As I browsed through the gallery, I saw one of our favorites of a woman with a snake on her head. Believe it or not, my friend, Karen just found this ~ and another framed print of Boulet's ~ at the Northwood town dump on Saturday! When I ever looked at the title of this painting I lost my breath. For I have never known what it was called.


Athena who's totem is the owl. Wise Athena has come to visit us. What gift does she have for us? She has sent her owl messenger our way. On Saturday we prayed together over our scallops and haddock dinner that Goddess would bring us a spiritual sign, something that would remind us of the beauty and magic of summertime, of our lives. We had just come from the transfer station, the Boulet prints in the back seat brewing up their magic for us while we called out to the Goddess for synchronicities and magic! Little did we know!